About us

Established in 1999, BAPES aims to lead and support the development, advance and maintain standards, promote research and learning oppurtunities in paediatric endoscopic surgery and allied specialties.

B.A.P.E.S supports practice and scholarship in paediatric endoscopic surgery in the UK and Ireland. We provide educational resources and support to surgeons and information to parents who want to learn about paediatric endoscopic surgery or minimally invasive therapy.

16th Annual Scientific Meeting & Workshop

November 2016, Royal Manchester Children's Hospital, Manchester.

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BAPES-Storz 3mm Advanced Scholarship Course

3rd BAPES-Storz Advanced

3mm Laparoscopic

Scholarship Course

Slough, UK.

7th March 2017

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15th Annual Scientific Meeting & Workshop

November 2015, King's College Hospital, London

BAPES-Storz 3mm Scholarship Course

Advanced Course, Slough, March 2016