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Terms & Conditions

Every year at the Annual Scientific meeting BAPES awards the BAPES Travelling Fellowship (£750) to a trainee for the best presentation under the free papers section. It is available only to fully subscribed members. Following are the terms and conditions:

1. Following the Annual meeting a sum of £375.00 will be awarded as the first instalment. The clinical/educational supervisor will be also be informed.

2. The candidate will report back to BAPES within 3 months with a provisional plan to visit a department or unit to gain specific exposure or skills.

3. The candidate will update BAPES in 6 months with a confirmed plan regarding the visit in writing. Failing this the clinical/educational supervisor will be informed.

4. One month before the next Annual Meeting the candidate will send a report of the visit to be included in the abstract booklet of the meeting.

5. The candidate will make an oral presentation at the Annual Meeting summarising his/her visit. Following this the remaining amount (£375) will form the second instalment to be awarded to the candidate. Failure to present without a valid reason would mean return of the first instalment to BAPES, Educational Supervisor informed and ineligibility to include the achievement in his or her profile/CV.